More Cavernous Happenings

Every year, we try to do something different for SRC with the window in the children’s area.  This year, I created a cave.  I used some wide paper that we use for covering tables (unfortunately, brown paper wasn’t in the budget).  I measured the window, cut the amount needed, then gently folded the paper up.  I sketched “stalactity” ups and downs on the folded paper, then cut them out.  One side creates the bottom, and the other creates the top.  Unfortunately, the white paper makes them look a bit like icicles.  Do not despair!  I broke out our brown and black stamp pads and rubbed them all over.  It’s definitely better than it was.  My coworker found a cute bat to hang, and we did several of them.  Now, any child who finished SRC will get a bat to write his or her name on, and get to hang it in the window.  Cool, huh?Image

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2 Responses to More Cavernous Happenings

  1. Jess says:

    Hey they could be ice caves

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