We Dig Reading…in the mine

This one took some effort.  This is a display shelf above our circulation desk, right next to the children’s area (and the adult area, for that matter.)  I used some scavenged packing paper, loosely crumpled it, and randomly spray painted brown, black and tan from left-over cans of paint.  Then, I painted “We Dig Reading” on it.  This was my backdrop.  For the rest, an old Coleman lantern (missing the glass that my husband accidentally demolished, but retaining its dusty garage “patina”), and a crusty, rusty shovel came from my garage.  I used my son’s camo hard-hat and hot glued a spray paint can lid to the front with a piece of silver paper taped in to simulate a miner’s hat (and that lid better come off easily, or I’m in soooo much trouble!).  While rummaging around in the garage, I also found an old box full of weird tools that looked like it belonged in a mine, and I glued the word “Dynamite” to the front of it and filled it with some weird straw/wood shaving/I-don’t-know-what-all stuff that is lurking in my garage that I’m not even sure what it is, but it looks great.  I threw in some gold painted rocks, wadded up some left over paper to create “boulders,” and added stacks of gift books to complete the look. (The clock is permanent, and would cause heart palpitations if it went missing)  What do you think?  Does it look like it’s straight from a mine?Image

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