Growly Tummy Strikes Again!

This is my dog, Piper.

The German Shepherd with the growly stomach

The German Shepherd with the growly stomach

When I hugged him this morning, his tummy greeted me with a bunch of growls.  Normally, you might assume that he’s hungry.  Nope.  Apparently German Shepherds have a tendency to get growly stomachs, but nobody is sure why.  But when it happens, he’s uncomfortable and shows no interest in eating.  It’s crazy loud, though, and it concerned us that he wouldn’t eat.  So, I did a bunch of research (I am a librarian, after all!) and discovered that Tums seem to help.  I was concerned about the safety of this, but didn’t find anything to contraindicate its use.  So, when growly tummy strikes, we break out the Tums, and they really do seem to help.

But, you might question, how do you get him to eat them when he isn’t interested in food?  Great question!  Answer?  I act like they’re the best treats in the world.  I make him sit, lie down, and come, for them.  If only they made them in meat flavors!  If they weren’t so big, I would tuck them inside of a slit hot dog slice (one of our favorite medicine giving tricks).  Sometimes, to give medicine, we hide the pill inside a slice of cheese, or wrap a bit of lunch meat around them.  What do you do to give your pet medicine?

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3 Responses to Growly Tummy Strikes Again!

  1. Marcela says:

    My girl, an 11 year old pit mix, Alex has the same problem. For the last couple of years, every time her tummy growls I know that she is not going to eat that day until 6 or 7pm. What do I do? I feed her chicken soup, I cook this for her, not the one that comes in a can, and that is the only thing she eats, 9 out of 10 times, in the morning. By the time its 6pm or later, her appetite opens up, her growling stomach is gone, and she is fine again. If you decide to cook chicken soup, do not put the seasonings that we, humans, enjoy.

    • awnali says:

      Chicken soup, huh? That wouldn’t even have occurred to me. What led you to think of chicken soup?

      • Marcela says:

        Well, whenever one of us were not feeling well, we, meaning humans, were given chicken soup and/or chamomile tea. And boy, it did the trick. Now, based on that I thought, “I could try giving Alex chicken soup,” and you know what? 9 out of 10 times it works. The day she wakes up with her tummy growling, I give her chicken soup in the morning and kibble on the side. She only has the soup, but in the evening, she is ready to eat her kibble and I give her a little more chicken soup. I do it not only when her tummy growls, but just because I want to put more flavor in her food. Now that she is older she is more picky. If you decide to do this, do not add all the seasonings added to a chicken soup for humans. I only put as seasoning, a little bit of salt and bullion.

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