Wild Girl by Patricia Reilly Giff

ImageThis sweet little book is one I can easily recommend.  It’s about a young girl, Lidie, whose mother dies, and then her father and brother leave her with her aunt and uncle to try to make a life in America.  The story picks up with her leaving her aunt and uncle to join her father and brother a few years later.  Lidie is headstrong and adventurous,  but she has trouble adjusting to the fact that her family still sees her as the little girl they left behind and she’s in a new county where she doesn’t speak the language well enough to ask for a bathroom.  Worst of all, she’s a fantastic rider, and her family can’t see it.  She is determined to prove herself as both a capable person and excellent rider.  This book would appeal to children who have had to learn a new language, had a parent die, or who enjoyed horses.

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