Library Makers

I have a terrible, highly contagious, likely-to-kill me virus which means that I can’t go to work until at least Monday (trust me, you DON’T want me to come and infect you, and the doctor assures me that I would.)  So, because I don’t feel well, I’m wearing sweats, drinking hot tea, and moaning occasionally (although that hurts my throat, too.)  I’m also browsing Pinterest, because that’s what I do.

Then, I discovered Library Makers and angels sang (although that could be delirium, I’m just not sure.)

Library Makers is a blog created by some amazing librarian in Madison, WI.  She (or he) has posted TONS of programs for teaching 3&4 year olds STEM concepts.  (That’s Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics for the uninitiated out there, huh-hum.) LM includes the concepts, materials, books, instructions to parents, lots of pictures of the class in progress, and an “in hindsight” section.  I’m swooning, now.  Can you tell?

I am particularly enamored of the program on ramps in which kids use cove molding, blocks, various sizes of round objects, and carpet tubes to explore the idea of ramps.  Because of LM’s end comments, I can also now envision a children’s library covered in ramps, waiting for children to move them around and discover how they work.  High shelves that must be reached by ramps!  Slides going from one area to another!  A librarian breaking an ankle after stepping on a marble and doing a face-plant in front of the library director….

Maybe I need to take a nap.  While I do that, you should definitely check out Library Makers.

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