Dresser Redo

I’ve got this problem.

See, my parents are coming for a visit.  No, no, silly rabbit!  That’s not the problem!  The problem originates in the fact that hubby has way too many a lot of ministry books.  Since our move, they’ve been hanging out in the garage, earnestly trying to convert the luggage and the tax files.  Because I’m a good librarian, I hate to see any book suffer, and I worried about what the heat and humidity were doing to the glue and bindings.  Hubby was quietly annoyed about having to dig through boxes and crammed shelves to find what he wanted, and all the spiders in the neighborhood were starting to stake out new homes in the area.

Not good.

So, I devised a plan whereby we moved a small bookcase (stuffed to bursting with my beloved paperbacks) out of the guestroom, and made one whole wall of the room a ministry/paperback library.  Mind you, this wall would not begin to contain all of our books, but it would move all the books out of the garage, which was the point.

Do you see the problem?  Oh.  Well, see, the small bookcase in the room was also used as a sort of nightstand for the bed, containing Kleenex, a lamp, and a small dish for pocket-emptying.  Ah!  NOW you see where I’m going with this!  So, you might ask, why not just stick the lamp, etc., into the new bookcase?  Yeah.  Tried it.  Did NOT work.

Now, unfortunately, the new arrangement left only 15” of space between the bed and bookcase.  On the other side, I have a small wrought iron table that would work beautifully there, but that leaves THAT side of the bed with nothing.


Since creating the new arrangement, we’d been pondering this dilemma, and since our budget was $0, we were having a difficult time coming up with a solution.

Enter Hubby.  He found a nice potential solution at a local weekend flea market.  After a fierce bargaining match, I dickered the owner down from $20 to $10 (and thought that was a bit much at that).  So, we brought it home and got to work.

I have pictures!

IMG_20130811_191412 - Copy

Paint peeling everywhere, dirty inside, boards coming off the back, wobbly drawers, just yuck. Since there was no way to completely redo the piece, given our limited time and even more limited budget, I decided to go with shabby chic.  If I redid the top and cleaned it up, and maybe added a bit of flair, I thought we’d be good.

Hubby took the drawers apart, glued them and re-nailed them.

IMG_20130811_191450 - Copy

Then sanded the top down to bare wood, since it was by far the worst bit.

IMG_20130811_191418 - Copy

IMG_20130811_191848 - Copy

In its previous life, the dresser must have been in a bathroom, because the inside of the drawers were covered with makeup and soapy gunk.  I cleaned it, inside and out.

I stained the top with leftover stain from another project, then used the wax paper method to transfer a small hotel sign graphic onto it that I got from The Graphics Fairy Blog.

Pretty faint lettering...

Pretty faint lettering…

It didn’t turn out as dark as I would have liked, but it does add a subtle detail that will be fun for people to discover as they use it.  It took me three tries to get the darn wax paper to go through the printer with a decent result, and involved me having to clean the printer heads.  I don’t want to discuss it anymore because I might start throwing things.  Humph.

Yep, she's been playing with the wax paper.

Yep, she’s been playing with the wax paper.

Next, I decided to rubber stamp some small bird and branch images on the drawers, just to add a bit of whimsy.






For the stamps, I used images from Stampin’ Up’s Feathered Hope and Touch of Nature.


For ink, I used StazOn black ink.  Once the images had been stamped, I heat set them with my Comotion Heat Tool.

Extra points for spotting my tootsies!

Extra points for spotting my tootsies!

I let the stain and ink on the top dry until late evening, then finished it off with a wipe on poly left over from another project.  While that was drying, I used some leftover white-on-white textured paintable wallpaper as drawer liners, which nicely covered the make-up/soap stains.  The next morning, Ta-dah!  Alright, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close up!

Oo la la!

Oo la la!

I don’t think  it’s bad for a $10 investment.  What do you think?  Did I successfully pull off Shabby Chic, or is it just shabby?  Let me know in the comments!

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