Date Night 3

Total flop.

Yep.  Thaaaat’s right.  It was my turn and I totally dropped the ball.

I have a great excuse though.  Well, a good one anyway.  Okay, fine.  AN excuse.  My parents were arriving the next day for a visit, and I’d been cleaning for days.  I was tired, man.  Hubby didn’t want to do anything much because he had a sermon to work on.

So, we ate dinner at home, drove over to Goodwill and dropped off some accumulated goodies that needed a new home.  Then, of course, it was necessary to go into Goodwill and shop!  We browsed around and I found these:


Hurrah for Mother Goose shoes!


Boo for high heels!

You may not see it right off the bat, but these are the perfect Mother Goose shoes.  I thought they were cute enough to try on, and once I saw them on, I gasped and said, “Oh my gosh!  These are Mother Goose shoes!”  I did a small, inconspicuous happy dance (very carefully, because I don’t usually wear heels and was risking life, limb, and expulsion from Goodwill because “she appeared to be having a fit.”)  I took them off and ran to find my husband, exclaiming over the fact that I had found the perfect Mother Goose shoes.  Hubby looked at me, looked at the shoes, and then said carefully (because you should always be careful with crazy people), “You realize they’re high heels, right?”

“Yes, I know!  But they’re the perfect shoes for my Mother Goose costume.”

(Doubtfully) “….Okay…”

“I’m gonna get them!  Look!  They’ve never even been worn!


Obviously, my husband does not understand the value of a Great Mother Goose Costume.  I, however, do.

I bought the shoes.

I’m happy.

Then, we went to Sonic and had milkshakes.  I had a hot fudge sundae milkshake.  It tasted great, but hot fudge was NEVER intended to go up a straw.  My straw kept collapsing, and the constant effort to suck fudgy deliciousness up a straw eventually made my lips all swollen and unhappy.

I apologized to Hubby for the flop of a date, and he looked at me perplexed and said, “I got to spend time with you.  That’s a great date.”

And that, my friends, is why I love this man.

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2 Responses to Date Night 3

  1. Pat Joseph says:

    NOT a date…we’ve been keeping company in the hospital… but this is one of my recent misadventures.

  2. Jeff says:

    Yep, I didn’t get the need for mother goose shoes, but I didn’t have to. I got to sit at the drive in with the lady that has been my wife and best friend for more than 27 years. A date is what you make it, regardless of where it may take you.

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