Hollywood Cemetery

Last Saturday, we had a beautiful day and my folks were in town for a visit, so we had to do something outside—it was mandatory!  I tootled through the internet in search of an adventure and settled on a Hollywood Cemetery tour.

Yep, folks, I took my parents to a cemetery.

For fun.

Not just any cemetery, though.  This is the famous garden cemetery where three presidents and 25 confederate generals are buried, and home of the Richmond Vampire.  More beautiful carvings exist in cemeteries than anywhere else, I think.  HC has some prime examples of tombstones with carved angels, weeping women, and stones that could easily pass for tree trunks.  I especially appreciated our guide’s explanation of many of the symbolisms incorporated into the gravestones.  One in particular that caught us off guard was what looked initially like an elaborate dollar sign.  In actuality, it was an entwined IHS which stood for “In His Service.”

It was a fairly quick tour, only lasting 2 hours and covering only a small amount of the cemetery (there are several roads covering 130 acres, and we were walking.)  The one tomb that has stuck with me is one that listed the man’s name and birth and death dates.  Then, it simply said, “We Loved Him.”  That touched me more than weeping angels or symbols of eternity or declarations of service.  It’s the kind of legacy I’d like to leave, myself.

For your enjoyment:




Iron dog guarding child’s grave


Wooden Frog–must be replaced with stone.




John Tyler’s tomb


Confederate Memorial Pyramid

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