E-Cigarettes in the Library

One of the blogs I follow is the Swiss Army Librarian.  He posts articles about reference desk situations, and general library stuff.  Recently, he posted about the use of e-cigarettes in libraries.

Huh.  Hadn’t thought about that one.

In Virginia, we’re in ground zero for the tobacco industry, which employs lots of folks in these parts.  So the topic of cigarettes in public places can become pretty touchy.  It wasn’t that long ago that a smoking ban was enacted in all restaurants in Virginia, something that has been in place for years in other states.  I’ve gotten so accustomed to not dealing with cigarettes in public places that I hadn’t thought about the use of e-cigarettes in the library.

Read the article for yourself and let me know what you think.  Should we allow their use in the library or not?

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