Date Night 5

It pays to clean out your wallet.  I know this because upon cleaning out my wallet I discovered the Barnes and Noble gift card my daughter gave me for Mother’s Day and a Visa gift card my friend had given me for Christmas.


Date Night plan created!

We had a lovely dinner at home of grilled chicken and grilled pineapple wedges on a bed of fresh spinach with Asian Sesame dressing.  Yum!  Then we headed out to Barnes and Noble.  In the rain.  It poured, man!  The wipers could hardly keep up!  On one side of the car was blue sky, and the other was pouring rain.  Just too weird.

Back to the books.  I had planned ahead and made myself a list of the books in series that I’m trying to fill out.  I was VERY excited to find a Mercedes Lackey paperback in her Elemental Masters series that I hadn’t read yet, and found two other books in series that I didn’t own yet.  I showed Hubby, a big grin on my face, and said, “Look!  I actually found one I haven’t read yet!”

Confused, he said, “Why on earth would you buy a book you HAD read?”

Silly rabbit!  Because, there are books that I love that I want to be able to reread whenever the mood strikes me.  Contrary to common belief, libraries do not hold onto books forever, unless they happen to be classics (and often, not even then).  I could buy them in e-format, but I don’t believe that that’s a great option.  After all, I have a lot of VHS tapes that we “invested in” so that we would always have the movies—and now formats have changed, not once, but several times.  VHS players will slowly die, and then I’ll be unable to watch those movies.  I believe that e-books will be the same way.  I’m not so naïve as to believe that there will never be advances to e-readers that make the current book formats obsolete.  After all, the publishers WANT us to have to buy new books.  But my beloved paper collection, barring fire, flood, or vicious insects/children, will be intact for years, if not centuries, to come.

And, they smell better.

Just saying.

So anyway, while I was scanning for items on my list, Hubby was perusing the Religious section.  I mean to tell you, they’re coming out with some beautiful bible covers.  He didn’t find anything that screamed to come home with him, so we checked out.  I paid a whopping $.24 for my books (thank you, my sweet daughter!).  Then, we headed for Cold Stone Creamery.

If you don’t have one of these, you should get one.  Seriously.  They make amazing ice cream.  I got “Founder’s Favorite.”  I’m not even sure what all is in it, but there were brownies, pecans, fudge, and pecans involved.  It was happy.  Verrrry happy.

Ice cream

Hubby got something that involved strawberries—he wasn’t sure exactly what the name was, but he was also a happy camper.  So, we sat and talked and blissed out over our treats, and eavesdropped on other people’s conversations (are we the only ones who do that?)  And generally had a great time enjoying each other’s company.

Hubby eating ice cream

Hubby eating ice cream

And then, because we were thirsty and hadn’t had quite enough sugar to put us into diabetic comas, we dropped in on Sonic and got some cherry limeades.  We love cherry limeade.  And we sipped and chatted, and remarked on the crazy amounts of haze that had fallen after the rain and made our way home.

Another successful date night.

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