Accident Checklist

It’s the kind of call you dread.  Hubby calls me and, with a weird tone to his voice says, “Wow.  I never know how to start a call like this.”

Okay, for the record, NOT LIKE THAT.

My son had been driving to work on the freeway when the car in front of him slammed on his brakes.  Son did the same, swerving a bit to the right to avoid tail ending the lead car.  The car immediately behind him had braked and swerved as well, but hadn’t braked quite enough.  He side-swiped my son’s car, swerved around, looked at my son, then sped off, zigzagging through traffic to make getting his license plate difficult.  My son wasn’t sure what to do, since it was a hit and run, and he was in morning rush hour traffic, so he called his dad and went on to work.  There’s a bit of damage to the car, but my son is okay and that’s what’s important.

This is the second time that my son has been in an accident, neither his fault.  Still we aren’t ever sure just what we should do.  The first time, the fellow who hit him gave him a false name and number after asking that the police not be called and assuring my son that he would pay the full amount out of his own pocket because he didn’t want to have his insurance rates go up.  Fortunately, one of the passengers in my son’s car had gotten photos of the license plate and the insurance company was able to track the complete jerk perpetrator down.

So, it was a happy occurrence when my mother sent me this Lifehacker posting about keeping a checklist in the car for use after an accident.  Let’s face it—when an accident happens, we’re stressed, we might be injured, and we often aren’t thinking clearly.  It helps to have something that says “This is what to do.”  So, I’m posting a link to an accident checklist.  I don’t have anything to do with the company that put it out and know nothing about them, but the checklist looks like a good one.  I’m going to print a few copies out and put one in each vehicle.  You know.  Just in case.


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