New September Displays 2013

It’s about time!  Summer Reading has finally ended and it is time for some new displays.  I had been noodling around with the idea of sewing a dress out of book pages for our entry display and a sign that said something like “Books: What the Best Dressed Minds are Wearing.”  But my idea went down the tubes when my manager agreed to let the local sewing guild have the display for National Sewing Month.  Ah, well.  It’s a good idea for another time.  Instead, I worked with the representative to come up with this:



She brought in a bunch of miscellaneous bits and pieces from her guild members and I designed the display around them.  It’s still fun and colorful and highlights the sewing books and magazines we carry.  Works for me!

Above the circulation desk we have a long, narrow space that we like to change each month, so I did some back-to-school stuff there.  We had an old encyclopedia set that I used, and raided my stash for backpacks.  We keep different seasonal silk flowers around that I used to brighten everything up.  It isn’t brilliant, but it’s fun and pretty.


Happy New School Year!

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