Date Night 6


With Labor Day on Monday, date night kind of caught us off guard, but Hubby pulled it off with finesse.

He started with flowers that I arranged in one of my grandmother’s teapots.  So pretty!


I forgot my camera, so this is the only picture you get!

We ate dinner at home, Hubby loaded the car and then invited me out.  He drove us to the river and we found a picnic bench (he’d come prepared with chairs if we had access to the dock, but there were a bunch of fishermen there).  He laid out a paper towel and produced sparkling cider, cups, strawberries, and chocolate.  He’d even brought a travel mug of water for washing the strawberries!  He’d even thought to bring bug spray, and doused us in that before we sat down.  This was the only bummer of the evening for me, because, not knowing where we were going, I’d showered and dressed nicely.  Bug spray and perfume don’t make a nice combination.

Ah, well.

We mostly sat and enjoyed watching a water bird fish across the river, chatting as the mood struck.  It was quiet and peaceful and it was awfully satisfying to just sit in each other’s company and watch the river go by.

I couldn’t have enjoyed it more if I were Tom Sawyer.

After we packed up and came home, Hubby stopped me with a hug and said, “I’m so glad our date nights haven’t turned into a competition with us trying to outdo one another.  Because I’d lose.”

Aw.  He says the nicest things.  And plans the nicest dates. 🙂

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