Making Puppets

Cute Little Cow

Cute Little Cow

Remember this post where I had picked up some stuffed animals for a puppet makeover?  I finally got up the courage to actually cut (cringe) into the little animals to make them into puppets.

The hardest part was figuring out where to cut.  The most important consideration was making sure that wherever the opening was, I would be able to fit my hand in.  I don’t have large hands, but these animals weren’t exactly large, either.  I watched some YouTube videos about how to do this, but still had trouble making the decision.  Finally, I decided to cut into the cow’s bottom, removing his cute little tail, and into the dog’s back, so I wouldn’t have to reach so far to insert my fingers into the legs and head.

I pulled out some stuffing (the cow had a little beanbag in the middle, so I saved that out for later use), and…that….was…it.

I have two puppets in about 15 minutes of work.  Not bad at all.

Puppet 3Puppet toPuppet one

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