A Magical Storytime

The theme for this storytime was MAGIC.

The books I found were My Mommy is Magic by Carl Norac, Anton Can Do Magic by Ole Konnecke, and What’s the Magic Word? by Kate DiPucchio.

My Mommy is MagicWhat's the magic wordAnton can do magic

Every storytime, I have something in my “magic bag” that has something to do with our storytime theme.  It might be a stuffed letter, stuffed animal, a picture, or some other tangible object.  I sing “What do I have in my bag today, my bag today, my bag today?  What do I have in my bag today?  Let’s take a look and see!” (Tune: Mulberry Bush).  For this storytime, I took my cue from Storytime Katie and pulled a bubble wand out of my bag.  I was disappointed that the kids immediately knew that it was a bubble wand.  Dangnabit!  There goes the surprise.  At any rate, I insisted that it was my MAGIC wand and went on with the story time.

magic hat

I started by pulling out my black top hat which had been prepped ahead of time with small finger puppets.  At the bottom of the pile was a rabbit.  I closed my eyes, waved my hands over the hat, and chanted “Magic, magic in my hat, I’ll pull out a rabbit and…(pull out anything other than the rabbit) Aahh! What’s that?!”  I repeated the process until I got to the rabbit at last, pulling it out and saying “Well, look at that!”  This was a great success, with lots of giggles and kids shouting out what I had pulled out instead of a rabbit.  The raccoon I pulled out did throw them for a loop, however. (Credit: SLC book boy)

Next, we read What’s the Magic Word? since it was the longest book.  We talked about the magic words we used in our own homes, like “please” and “thank you.”  Then it was on to the next flannel, one that I borrowed from Storytime Katie and made from pictures I pulled from the internet.  I used my magic wand to wave over the rabbits as they all disappear, one by one.

magic flannel

Five Magic Rabbits:

Five magic rabbits in a tall black hat
Along comes a magician who gives each one a pat
He waves his magic wand high above their ears,
Abracadabra, poof! One rabbit disappears (count down)

(credit: Youth Literature)

Then, we read My Mommy is Magic and talked about whether our mommies were actually magic or not (the children were split on this.)  Then, I pulled out my song cube and we rolled The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Row, Row, Row Your Boat.  The kids really enjoyed this.

Song cube 1

Next, we read Anton Can Do Magic.  We talked about whether or not Anton really is magic.  Again, the kids were split on this, so I might have needed to do a bit more discussion of the pictures, since, if you’re paying attention to the pictures you will know that no, Anton is not magic, even though the kids in the story end up thinking he is.

I segued into my magic trick by saying “Anton may not be magic, but I am!  And I have a magic trick to show you.”  I borrowed the magic trick from a colleague who did a video on this for our library blog.  I had a mother be my lovely assistant.  She assured everyone that I was using an ordinary sandwich bag, regular pencils, and plain water.  She poured the water into the sandwich bag for me while I held it.  I sealed the bag and then asked the kids what would happen if I poked the pencils into the bag, while miming stabbing the pencils into the bag.  Of course, they all shouted that water would go everywhere, and several kids got up from right in front of me and ran to their mothers, sure that water was going to come spurting out.  Imagine their astonishment when the pencil slid right in and didn’t leak at all!  I turned the bag around and did it again, and again.  The audience burst into applause and all were amazed.

That’s the first time I’ve ever done a magic trick, and I can totally see how this can become addicting!

magic gif

For my final trick, I pulled out my magic wand, detached the bubble apparatus and blew bubbles for everyone.

This was the best trick of all, apparently!


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