Bugs Everywhere!

by Awnali Mills

After a three week break to finish up summer reading, we’re back at storytime! I opened with one of my favorite storytimes: Bugs.  There’re just so many good bug books and activities that it’s hard to choose!

Our line-up today was The Very Hungry Caterpillar popup book by Eric Carle, The Mixed-up Caterpillar by Annie Kubler, and Can You Make a Scary Face? by Jan Thomas.

Very Hungry CaterpillarThe Mixed up CaterpillarCan You Make a Scary Face

I started with my magic bag in which I had a jar with a toy butterfly in it.  Have you seen these?  The butterfly flutters erratically around in the jar, just like a real one.  My mother gave me one for my birthday and I knew immediately that it needed to make an appearance in bug storytime.  And it did.  And it was a hit!  I confessed immediately that it was a toy, but it really did look real.

butterfly in jar

Then, we talked about some different bug finger puppets that I had, letting the kids identify the types of bugs.  I had a ladybug puppet that we then used to sing There’s a Ladybug on Me.

 There’s a Ladybug on Me (tune: Clementine)

There’s a ladybug, there’s a ladybug, there’s a ladybug on me

On my finger, on my shoulder, and even on my knee.


She is tickling, she is tickling, she is tickling me

On my finger, on my shoulder, and especially on my knee!

by Heather Tekavec

Then, I showed them the little Very Hungry Caterpillar stuffed animal I had which segued nicely into the popup story, because they were already familiar with the character and told me with great authority that THAT caterpillar was VERY HUNGRY!

Then, we sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider and did a ladybug flannel.  Next, we sang The Ants Go Marching through five, because ten is just a little much when you’re three years old. And, well, we’re in some record breaking heat here, and even though the room is air conditioned, I had sweat rolling off of me by the time we got to five, and nobody wants to see Miss Awnali’s sweat rings as we “Hurrah! Hurrah!”


At any rate, after the ants marched, the bugs sang.  The Boogie Bugs app by Twiny Vines, that is.  I love this little app.

boogie bugs

You can chose the pond or the dance floor, and then you can press different bugs to start sounds (press again to stop them), while other bugs make a sound each time touch them.  There are some frogs and water spots that are musically inclined as well, at least in the pond area.  I showed the children the pond and activated several of the bugs (oooohhhh).  It was fun to watch, and the children seemed glued to the screen, but I didn’t let it go on very long.  Time was running short, man! (But….before you get too excited about it, you can’t get it anymore.  At least, I have been unable to find it in the iTunes store.  I picked it up when it was free, and now can’t even find it in my online account.  Word to the wise—the internet is impermanent!  Read more about disappearing apps here.)

Then, I did the flannel Herman the Worm.  This one cracks me up.  So, there are many variations, but the verse for the flannel we have goes:

I was sitting on a fencepost,

Chewing bubble gum and playing with my yo-yo

When along came Herman the Worm, and he was this big. (put small worm on flannel)

I said, “Hey, Herman.”

He said, “Hey, kid.”

 I was sitting on a fencepost,

Chewing bubble gum and playing with my yo-yo

When along came Herman the Worm, and he was this big. (put a size larger worm on flannel)

I said, “What happened, Herman?”

He said, “I ate a grape!”

And so it continues, same verse, size larger worm, and he successively eats a grape, an apple, a banana, and a watermelon.  Then, for the last verse, you put the smallest worm out and what happened?  He burped!  This got a big laugh, and one of my kids (who is quite the arbiter of all things humorous) even said “That was funny!”  He lets me know when I’ve done well.

For our last book, we read Can You Make a Scary Face?  If you haven’t read it, please do so now.  I’ll wait.  Isn’t that hilarious?  I just love Jan Thomas.  The kids all stood up, sat down, wiggled their noses, did the chicken dance and made terribly scary faces.

I love storytime!

To finish off, we had our first-of-the-month craft—a Ladybug Puppet!  Hooray for bugs!


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