Silly Storytime 11/5/14

By Awnali Mills

Every once in a while, you’ve just gotta be silly.  Today was just such a day.  I pulled out some of my silly books and we had a silly story time.  To get us in the mood, I had my sunglasses that are twice the size of my head in my magic bag.  Yep, Miss Awnali, those are pretty silly!

Big Bad Baby

The first book was Big Bad Baby by Bruce Hale (also, by the way, good for a “B” storytime.)  Sweet little Sammy becomes an evil, huge baby and terrorizes a town by playing rough with his toys, coloring outside the lines and stinking up his humungous diaper!  We loved it.

Next, we rolled the song cube and sang the Alphabet Song (I got so tickled when one of my older regulars sighed and said, “I love this song.”)

Then, I did the flannel “Four Silly Seals.”  There doesn’t seem to be a website to direct you to, and it predates me at this library.

Four silly seals

It goes:

Four furry seals, four funny fat seals

Ork! Ork! Ork!

They do silly seal stunts for meals

Ork! Ork! Ork!

Four funny seals blowing horns

Toot! Toot! Toot!

Flapping their flippers in a seal salute

Ork! Ork! Ork!

Four funny seals bouncing big beach balls

They make croaking silly seals calls

Ork! Ork! Ork!

Four funny seals striking silly seal poses

Balancing hoops on their silly seal noses

Ork! Ork! Ork!

Four furry seals, four funny fat seals

With silly seal stunts for four fish meals

Ork! Ork! Ork!

Before storytime, I practiced with this and putting out the pieces was so time consuming and distracting that I decided to start storytime with the circus platforms already on the board, hand out the non-seal pieces, then put the seals up when I started the rhyme.  I had the children bring up the appropriate piece when I read about it. This worked really well, especially since I explained what the pieces were when I handed them out so that the kids didn’t have to figure them out independently.  They were so excited when their piece of the rhyme came up!

If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur

The next book I read was If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur by Linda Bailey.  I love this story about all the marvelous things you can do with the dinosaur that happens to be sitting around in your living room.  At the end of the story, the book asks, “What can you do with a kangaroo?” and that was a great discussion question.  The kids came up with several ideas for what to do with a pet kangaroo.

Then, we rolled the song cube a couple of times and did some action songs to get us up and moving.  Then I did the flannel How to Make a Hippopotamus Sandwich.  Once again, no website for this flannel I did which, again, predates me.

Hippopotamus sandwich

A hippo sandwich is easy to make,

All you do is simply take:

One slice of bread,

One slice of cake.

Some mayonnaise,

One onion ring,

One hippopotamus,

One piece of string.

A dash of pepper…

That ought to do it.

And now comes the problem

Biting into it.

–Shel Silverstein

The children’s hearts were won the instant I put the piece of cake up there.

What Will Fat Cat Sit On

And, to finish it up, I read What Will Fat Cat Sit On? by Jan Thomas.  The children were very interactive with this one, telling me their guesses about what Fat Cat was going to sit on and making dire predictions about the results.

All in all, it was a very silly storytime.

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