Toddler Story Time 11/6/14

By Awnali Mills

Today was another toddler storytime.

Did you know that P stands for Parachute?  It’s a fact, man.  Just thought you’d want to know.

After discussing our P words, I sang the book Down by the Barn by Will Hillenbrand.

Down by the Barn

Then we rolled our song cube a few times and sang some good action songs.

Hippopotamus sandwich

Next up was the flannel How to Make a Hippopotamus Sandwich.  First, we discussed what kind of sandwiches we like (grilled cheese was the big front runner in case you were wondering!) and then I asked if they had ever eaten a hippopotamus sandwich.  Surprisingly enough, no one had!  Really?  So, I pulled out my flannel to show them how to make a hippopotamus sandwich.  Then we practiced making our mouths really big so that we could take a bite of the big sandwich.  And took some big bites!

What Will Fat Cat Sit On

Back to the song cube for a couple more songs.  Then we read What Will Fat Cat Sit On by Jan Thomas.  We did a lot of dialogic reading with this one, talking about possible places to sit before even opening the book and then talking about whether a chicken, pig, cow, or dog would make good places to sit, and how the threatened animals felt about the possibility of being sat on.  I love anything by Jan Thomas.

To finish up, we cleared the center of the floor and I pulled out the parachute.  We threw some Beanie Babies into the middle of the parachute and did a bunch of play: up as high as we could, as low as we could, make the Babies bounce high, walk to the right, walk to the left, put the ‘chute down and stand or hop on different colors, etc.  Parachutes are always winners.

Then everyone got a “P” coloring sheet. It’s good to be two.

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