Blog Browse

By Awnali Mills

I had a lot of desk time today and it was pretty quiet, so I caught up on a bunch of blogs I haven’t read in a while.  In no particular order they are:

Sturdy for Common Things – Passive Programming Storywalk

Erinisinire – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles passive program

Jbrary – Passive Programs (are you sensing a theme?  They started here.)

Green Bean Teen Queen – Picture book review (I used this one in a storytime, it was cute!)

Search Research – Because I like to keep my ninja research skills sharp, and because I actually did the searches for this one, which is not always the case.

Pop Goes the Page – My newest favorite blog.  They have so many cool projects on here!

Tiny Tips for Library Fun – always makes me think about the underlying issues of librarianship

Library Displays – Always, ALWAYS a good source for new display ideas

Enjoy!  And maybe you’ll find a new favorite blog.

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One Response to Blog Browse

  1. lochwouters says:

    Those are some of my favorites too! Thanks for blog love!

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