Diary of a Wimpy Kid Party

By Awnali Mills

This week, to celebrate the release of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, we had to have a Wimpy Kid party.

That’s right.  You heard me.  We HAD to.

It’s part of the Children’s Librarian Code.

So, after much debate, searching Pinterest, reading blogs, and scouring the Wimpy Kid site we narrowed down our activity choices, ordered our prizes, and invited the horde in.  Well, not so much a horde, but a nice number of enthusiastic kids.

Starting Game:  Wimpy Kid Bingo

I used this idea from one of the event kits and used an online bingo card generator to create a bunch of bingo cards.  We used crayons as markers.  We had a three way tie although they did not have the same cards (we checked.)  So, we had a “Bingo-off,” which my co-worker created on the spot.  I kept calling Wimpy Kid words until only one of the kids had the word, and we declared her a winner.  She won a Diary of a Wimpy Kid cardboard standup that was sent to us at some time in the past.  We were grateful to get it out of the staff workroom.

Next, we released the kids to the activity stations:

Rowley toss

The Librarian is on the Loose - Rowley Toss

This idea came from a blog.  We blew up a picture of Rowley, covered him in contact paper, cut out his mouth and stuck him on a large piece of cardboard (the carton the stand-up had come in, because we recycle like that! And on a side note, Rowley has some seriously large bucked teeth.  So, I cut out the cardboard behind them, but left the paper teeth.  The beanbags went right through the teeth.)  I made five stinky cheese beanbags out of some scrap yellow fabric I had, a grey marker, and some rice.  We taped a line of duct tape to the floor.  They had to stand behind the line and toss the beanbags into Rowley’s mouth.  In the interest of full disclosure, my co-worker and I had a terrible time getting the beanbags in.  We feared it was too hard.  To be merciful, we decided that getting one beanbag in would earn a Wimpy Kid window cling (set of 25 came with the cardboard standup).  The first kid to play got all five in, one after the other.

Obviously, we’re just uncoordinated.

Pin the Booger on the Finger

The Librarian is on the Loose - Pin the Booger

In book one, there is a picture of the letter written to Greg with a booger on it.  I took a picture of that, blew it up to poster size, covered it with contact paper, and stuck it on a piece of poster board.  We got a sleep mask to use as a blindfold (worked great!) and used round green stickers to represent the boogers.  Mask the kid, spin ‘em six times, stick a booger on their finger and point ‘em at the poster.  The object is to pin the booger on the finger shown on the poster.  Everyone who played got a Chick-Fil-A ice cream coupon left over from summer reading.  One kid managed to stick a booger sticker on the word “finger” which we thought was hilarious and appropriate.  Must be librarian humor, because the kids just looked at us funny.

Decorate a Diary

The Librarian is on the Loose - Decorate a Diary

Another one from an event kit.  We copied the diary cover onto cardstock, stuck 5 pieces of paper inside and stapled it.  The kids got to decorate the cover.


The Librarian is on the Loose - Decorate a Diary

We pulled this one from the website.  It was a bit harder to find (scroll down for them).  Cut out the mask.  Tape it to a craft stick. Done.

Once everyone had plenty of time to complete all of the stations, we gathered them together for the final game.  The Cheese Touch Pass Game.  After vetting the music from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie, we narrowed our choice down to OK Mr. Hillbilly.  I copied the song 5 times onto a CD (it’s 2 minutes long), which I figured would be more than enough time.  They had to hold a Stinky Cheese beanbag, say “Cheese Touch” and pass the bag to their right while the music played.  If the music stopped while they were holding the beanbag then they were out.  I was all prepared to step in and announce who was out, but the kids decided for themselves, several of them pulling themselves out when I would have said that the person before them was the one who should have been out.  But who am I to argue?  The last person holding the bean bag won a Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do It Yourself book.

Finally, we had a grand prize drawing for The Long Haul.  When the kids turned in their evaluations, we gave them all Bob Evans coupons for a free kid’s meal (obviously, we were cleaning out the coupon drawer).

When one of the answers on the evaluation from says “This was my best day EVER!” then you know it was a successful program.

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