Dragon Storytime 1-21-15

By Awnali Mills

ROAR!  This morning’s storytime was about dragons!  I started off with a dragon hand puppet in my magic bag to let the kids know what the story was about.  I’m still suffering for it.

See, I can use flannels because I’m not in contact with them for long.  I can even make flannels, although I have a hard time.  Unfortunately, I seem to suffer from an allergy to felt.  It’s not all felt, but only some of it.  Maybe it’s the wool, although other types of wool don’t seem to bother me.  At any rate, my hand and arms started itching like crazy when I practiced with the puppet before storytime, so I just showed it.  I’m STILL itching.

not your typical dragonIf I had a DragonOh so brave dragon

On with the stories!  This morning I used Not Your Typical Dragon by Dan Bar-El, If I Had a Dragon by Tom and Amanda Ellery, and Oh So Brave Dragon by David Kirk.

Not Your Typical Dragon was our first story, and it went over really well with the kids having a good time guessing what was going to come out of the dragon’s mouth next.  They thought the marshmallows were great!

Since that books was long-ish, I wanted to get them up and moving, so we stood and sang If You’re a Dragon and You Know It that I got from Miss Mollie’s storytime.  We showed our claws, breathed fire, shook our tails, and waved our wings.

5 little dragons

Next up was the flannel Five Little Dragons.  There are SEVERAL versions of Five Little Dragons out there.  I found a clip art dragon I liked and simplified it.  Then cut it out in the various colors, and glued each of the dragons onto a black background.  This isn’t something I usually do, but they had lots of flippy little extremities and I thought they would be difficult to put on the board well.  Also, the red one disappears into the red flannelboard if it doesn’t have a backing. (And yes, making this made my hands itch.)

Then we read If I Had a Dragon.  This was fun, and the older brother in my group patted his younger brother at the end which I thought was sweet.

Then I did the flannel Ten Dizzy Dragons.  Okay, true confessions time.  I TRIED to find this flannel.  Nobody had it.  Then, I tried to find the book it was taken from.  No one had it.  I tried using clip art off line but wasn’t satisfied.  Then, I got sneaky and used my mad Publisher skills.  I copied the photo I found on Sunflower Storytime, pasted it into Publisher and edited it until I had usable pictures which I then cut out and laminated.  It’s all for the children, okay?  Then we played a memory game where the kids had to remember what was special about each of the dragons.  They enjoyed that.

The last book I read was Oh So Brave Dragon.  I prepared the kids ahead of time that they were going to need to roar when I pointed at them.  We practiced, and they were primed.  Each time the brave dragon roared, we roared with him.  I love listening to little kids roar!

puff the magic dragon

Finally, we didn’t have time for another book, but I showed them Puff the Magic Dragon and showed them the map of Honalee in the front.  Then I explained that the book was based on a song that came out around 1967.  I told them that my mother had heard the song when she was pregnant with me and decided to name me after that country, making up a spelling for it (she thought it was “on” instead of “hon”).  So, this is the song/book I’m named after!  I told them that I didn’t have time to sing it to them, but they could check out the book.  One of the little boys immediately charged up to take the book from me.  The enthusiasm was gratifying J

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