Food Storytime 1-28-15

By Awnali Mills

Badger's Fancy MealLittle Peawhopper cake

Yum!  Today’s storytime was all about the yum—food!  The books I used were Badger’s Fancy Meal by Keiko Kasza, Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and Whopper Cake by Karma Wilson.

Badger’s Fancy Meal may not be to everyone’s taste, since Badger sets out to eat small animals (who escape him) and gets kicked by a mean horse.  I chose the book because it offers opportunities to talk about the illustrations—on most of the pages there’s a little story going on just in the pictures.  As the smaller animals escape Badger, they hide in his hole and eat the food that he was dissatisfied with.  When he finally learns to appreciate what he had all along, it’s all gone—not a bad lesson for kids to learn.

After Badger, we had a flannelboard picnic.  I distributed lots of different flannels of food, and when I sang “Who will bring the (chicken), the (chicken), the (chicken)?  Who will bring the (chicken) so we’ll have food to eat? The children brought up the called for pieces to the picnic basket.  There was corn on the cob, chicken, all sorts of fruit, cupcakes, and juice boxes.  The kids loved this activity, and I left all the pieces up for them to play with during play time.  This was also a huge hit!

Next, I read Little Pea.  Surprisingly (and I wonder if accurately), almost unanimously the children said that they liked peas.  They really liked this story of a pea who is forced to eat candy for dinner and can’t wait for his dessert of spinach.  This is a fun little twist that the parents certainly appreciated.

After Little Pea, we rolled our song cube and sang “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”

Kalley's 1 Kalley's 2

Then I pulled out the iPad for the Kalley’s Machine Plus Cats app.  This is a fun story with a marvelous machine in it.  The little girl is demonstrating this machine to her father.  Readers can move the levers and make the machine do its thing.  The father is baffled by the machine and can’t figure out what it’s for.  Finally, Kalley explains to her father that the machine is for making food so that her father can stay home with her and not have to work.

Finally, I read Whopper Cake.  This is a fun little rhyming book that the children enjoyed.  We all wanted a piece of that Whopper Cake!

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