Little Mouse, Little Mouse Variation–Starring the Tooth Fairy!

I was reading Jbrary’s blog the other day (I love Jbrary!), marveling at all the creative variations of the classic “Little Mouse, Little Mouse” flannel.  I even pinned it in case I needed my own inspiration later on.

Then, two things happened.

I realized that I needed another flannel for my “Big and Little” storytime this week.  Since that post was fresh in my memory, I went to the ol’ flannel storage cabinet to see if we had a LMLM flannel because OBVIOUSLY I could say, “Little mouse, little mouse, are you in the big (color) house?” Thus hitting both big AND little.

I’m clever that way.


But noooo, of course there wasn’t one.  So, I had to make one.

Then, I was scouring the cabinet for a transportation flannel for next week and happened upon a flannel I made shortly after starting work here.  It’s a variation of LMLM, wherein a tooth fairy finger puppet says to the children, “Look and see! Look and see! Can you find the tooth for me?  Is it under the (color) pillow?”

Tooth Fairy(and yes, the tooth fairy’s wings are actually a silk butterfly’s wings.  It was pretty and handy–a fantastic combination!)

I did not make this up.  I found it on another blog, but can’t for the life of me remember where (give me a break-I’ve slept since then!), but a Google search will show you similar ones like the one on Storytimes with Moxie.

Since Lindsey at Jbrary wanted to know of any other variations, I thought I’d go ahead and post this to throw my two cents in.

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