Hop on Board – Transportation Storytime

While our library is on storytime break, we frequently do outreach programs at daycares in our area.  So it was on the coldest day of winter this year that I dragged my books and flannelboard paraphernalia out to a daycare to do a transportation storytime.

So, the theme (as I said) was transportation, because the teacher had indicated that they were doing a unit on that.  It’s always nice when we can support what the teachers are doing.  The books I used were Dinosaur Train by John Gurney, Who is Driving? by Leo Timmers, and And the Cars Go by William Bee.

Dinosaur TrainWho is DrivingAnd the Cars Go

I used the flannels Five Little Cars that I had made previously, and Train that I remade because our set was looking pretty rumpled and pathetic.

We also did the song The Wheels on the Bus.

The first book I read was And the Cars Go.  It’s a bit longer than the other two, and I always like to read my longest book first.  I love all the different voices that this story lends itself to, and I enjoy the intricate illustrations that look simple at first glance.  They SO remind me of the 70s!

The next book was Who is Driving?  This is a nice interactive book.  The kids were fabulous at guessing who was going to be driving all of the various vehicles, but the stork always gets them in the end!

We finished up with Dinosaur Train.  This is a quick read, but it’s a surefire winner because it has both dinosaurs and trains in it.  What little boy could resist?  Yes, I know that girls love these things too, but I have yet to have a little girl requisition every book in the library on trains.  This happens every other week with boys.

And, while we’re on the subject, I told the children that if they liked THOSE books, we had more that were like them at the library, so stop on by!  One young lady skeptically asked, “Yeah, but do you have GIRL books there, too?  Not just ones on trains and cars?”

Not about to get drawn into “girl” books and “boy” books, I asked her what she liked.  I think the reply was “princesses.”  Yep, got those.  And then, other kids started chiming in with, “How about _____ books?”  Yep. Yep. Yep.  Got ‘em all.  I think every kid there threw a topic at me, sure that they could stump me.  Are you kidding?  We’ve got books about stuff they haven’t even dreamed about.  We are, after all, the library.

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