Bug Storytime 4-1-15

By Awnali Mills

Bugs invaded storytime this morning!  I love when the bugs come to visit.  You know, when they’re in books.

mixed up caterpillerbutterfly butterflycan you make a scary face

The books I chose were The Mixed-Up Caterpillar by Annie Kublar, Butterfly, Butterfly by Petr Horacek, and Can You Make a Scary Face? by Jan Thomas.

In my magic bag I had several bug finger puppets.  We talked about them as I pulled them out.  Preschoolers, in general, approve of bugs.  In general, I do not.  I had a soldier bug on my arm this morning at home, but managed to take him outside without screaming and throwing him violently across the room (they stink when squished).


But I digress.

Our first book was The Mixed-Up Caterpillar.  I pulled this out of a donation box.  I love it because it’s got the caterpillar finger puppet built right into it, and I love being able to wiggle him around.   The children were enchanted as well, and loved yelling that he was wrong about what he was.

Next, I pulled on my ladybug finger puppet (it was a finger puppet sort of day).  We sang There’s a Ladybug on Me.

There’s a ladybug, there’s a ladybug, there’s a ladybug on me!

On my finger, on my shoulder, but especially on my knee.

She is tickling, she is tickling, she is tickling me.

On my finger, on my shoulder, but especially on my knee!

Bug Hunt Flannel

Then, we did the flannel Bug Hunt.  This is like Going on a Bear Hunt, only you’re looking for bugs instead.  It goes:

Chorus: We’re going on a bug hunt! / We’re going to catch a big one! / What a sunny day! / Are you ready? Okay!

Oh, my! A ladybug! / A red and black ladybug / Crawling on a leaf. / Crawl, crawl, crawl.

Oh, my! A firefly! / A black and yellow firefly / Flickering in the sky. / Flicker, flicker, flicker!

Oh, my! A bumblebee! / a black and yellow bumblebee / Buzzing through the air. / Buzz, buzz, buzz!

Oh, my! A grasshopper! / A big, green grasshopper / Hopping through the grass. / Hop, hop, hop!

Oh, my! A dragonfly! / A shimmery purple dragonfly / darting across the sky! / Dart, dart, dart!

Oh, my! A butterfly! / A beautiful orange butterfly / Fluttering through the air. / Flutter, flutter, flutter.

Oh, my! A spider! / A huge black spider / Spinning on its web. / Spin, spin, spin.

I think it is time to go home now!

(This predates me and the word sheet has no credit on it)


This went pretty well.  The kids really seemed to like patting their legs and doing the motions for the bugs.

Next, I read Butterfly, Butterfly.  I love this book and it has done well for me in the past, but the kids didn’t seem into it today.  Sort of like, “Oh, good.  She found the butterfly.  Moving on.”

Busy Bees Flannel

Then I did the flannel Busy Bees.  This also predates me.  The verse, by Durby Peterson, goes:

I’m a busy, busy bee a-buzzin’ round you. / Another buzzes by, and that makes two.

We’re two busy bees a-buzzing round the tree. / Another buzzes by, and that makes three.

We’re three busy bees a-buzzing round the door. / Another buzzes by, and that makes four.

We’re four busy bees a-buzzing round the hive. / Another buzzes by, and that makes five.

Buzz, busy bees, back into the hive. / Buzz, busy bees, one, two, three, four, five!

For our last book, I did one of my favorites, Can You Make a Scary Face?.  Kids love this one, too.  We wiggled our noses, did the chicken dance, and made scary faces, all to get rid of a little bug and a big scary frog.  Watching the scary faces kids make is hilarious!

Jumpin' and Jammin'

We finished off story time with Do the Butterfly from Greg and Steve’s Jumpin’ and Jammin’.  We did all the motions and had a lot of great exercise.  Then, I handed out “B is for Butterfly” coloring sheets and we moved into craft time.

Butterfly craft

What else could we make but butterfly stick puppets?

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