Minecraft Displays

As part of our spring break Minecraft program promotions, we took advantage of our two large display cases and five large bulletin boards to create some Minecraft displays.  Our hope was that these displays would draw attention to programs that hadn’t been advertised online or in our county’s publications.  Since we only had the displays, handouts, and word of mouth, they needed to be good!

Creeper TNT

Let me say from the beginning that I was not a Minecraft initiate when I did the display cases.  I did the creeper and TNT first, and was promptly informed when the display went up that creepers DO NOT look like that (not at all exaggerating–I was corrected before the creeper even made it into the case).  And yet, each person who commented knew immediately that it was supposed to be a creeper, so I couldn’t have done too badly, huh?  However, I got strong approval on my ghasts.


I had a heck of a time getting the ghasts to float.  (The picture looks weird–they don’t actually glow :-)) They’re hung by fishing line, and taping the heck out of them didn’t work (I used clear packing tape).  I finally had to run lines of hot glue down the top of all the fishing line to get the line to stay on solidly.  Then, the ghasts were hung from a rod inside the display cases that is normally always there.


Zombie and Steve Minecraft Bulletin Boards Creeper and Enderman

Just in case you were wondering how it was all put together, we put the basic color underneath, and then glued many, many squares onto the basic structure (you can’t see it well, but the pig does have little squares all over him too).  To make the sparkles around the enderman, I drew a grid on construction paper and then, using a printout as an example, I lightly shaded the squares I wanted to keep and cut them out, leaving a narrow bridge around the holes.  The grid side was the back.

Since we divvied up the work between us, nobody was too overwhelmed, and the displays did their job.  Toddlers through adults inquired about the programs, and families came to get their pictures taken in front of them!  Our first program was very well attended, and our second, which required registration, was booked solid.  A good display is a good thing.

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