Star Wars Bingo

Star WarsBy Awnali Mills

Since this is National Book Week, our library went all out with programming.  Because we (or rather I) am a nerd, we started the week with a Star Wars Bingo program.

It was May the Fourth, ya’ll.

As in, May the Fourth be with you.

I know.

I warned you.

So anyway, we had a donated Star Wars book to give away, two Princeton files that I decoupaged with the pages of another donated Star Wars book that was falling apart, and a bunch of kids books.  My co-worker Meghan and I created 24 bingo cards in Publisher with pictures of Star Wars characters that we culled from the Internet.  That was a chore!  We tried every different bingo card generator we could find, but nothing worked.  We wanted pictures because we knew some kids who showed up wouldn’t be able to read, even though they might know the characters.  We ended up creating individual cards. One. By. One.

Yes, actually, we are that dedicated.

For the draw cards, we blew up the pictures to about 4×4, and added the name to the bottom.  I drew the cards and Meghan walked them around and showed the picture to the kids (and adults).  We gave them cups of Jolly Ranchers to use as markers, and also bags of foam pieces to use in case, you know, they wanted to EAT the candy or anything.

We didn’t have a big turnout, but the folks who came were mighty happy with their prizes, and were overjoyed with their cups of candy.

How did you celebrate May the Fourth?

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