Mother’s Day Storytime – 5-7-15

By Awnali Mills

Just in case you weren’t aware, Mother’s Day is May 10th.  To prepare my little chickies for the upcoming holiday, we did a storytime about mothers.

Pirate BoyI Want My MomMommy Is That You

The books I chose were Pirate Boy by Eve Bunting, I Want My Mom by Tony Ross, and Mommy Is That You? by Atsuko Morozumi.

I had a little “Mom” pin in my magic bag that I got from a trip to Disney World.  It has two charms on it, one for my daughter and one for my son.

I started with Pirate Boy, which is a sweet little story about a boy who wants to know what his mother would do if he sailed away on a pirate ship.

Next, we did a version of B-I-N-G-O with M-O-M-M-Y.  It goes:

I love her and she loves me and Mommy is her name-o. M-O-M-M-Y, M-O-M-M-Y, M-O-M-M-Y, and Mommy is her name-o. Continue on like for B-I-N-G-O.

I had flannel letters to spell out Mommy, and took one away after each verse.  I also told them how many claps we were going to do.  Truthfully, it helped me to count claps rather than spell, especially since my brain is trying to process several different things all at the same time while singing.

I Want My Mom is the next book we read.  The kids helped me yell, “I want my mom!” every time the little princess in the story yells for her mother.  They really got into that and enjoyed it.

The flannel Whose Baby Am I?, taken from the book by John Butler, was next.  I used the pictures at, colored on the computer, printed on cardstock, laminated, with magnets on the back.  I handed the mama animals to the kids, put all the baby names on the board off to the side, and said the little rhyme.  The kids brought me the mama animal and put it on the board.  Then we all guessed what name matched the baby.

The last book was Mommy Is that You?  This was a nice segue from talking about animal babies to reading about baby ducklings who are going from animal to animal trying to find their mother.  When I would read, “Mommy, is that you?” the children started spontaneously saying, “No!” until we got to the mama duck.

M day strawberry card

We ended storytime with the Mother’s Day craft, a strawberry card.  Basically, it’s a big construction paper strawberry with a little saying on it “You are “berry” special and sweet – it’s true.  Happy Mother’s Day because I love you!”  The kids used black ink pads to put fingerprint “seeds” on the strawberries.  Clean up is easy with baby wipes.

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