Brother and Sister Storytime 5-27-15

By Awnali Mills

Today was a Brothers and Sisters storytime.  I took in a picture of my brother and I when we were teenagers, and it was so cute to watch the kids try and guess who was in the photo.  I had kids guess my parents, and kids guess my kids, but nobody guessed that it was me.

Yes, I’ve put on a few pounds since then.  Sigh.

The books I chose were Underpants Dance by Marlena Zapf, I Want a Baby Sister by Tony Ross, and One Busy Day by Lola Schaefer.

Underpants DanceI Want a SisterOne Busy Day

Once our opening routine was done, I read Underpants Dance.  I love this little book about a girl who gets some pretty lacy underpants and wants to show them off to everyone, only her big sister insists that everything she does is Totally Inappropriate.  I remember having those pretty underpants and wanting to show them off.  As a matter of fact, my mother framed those little underpants and I still have them.

Too much information?

After the initial giggles when I said the word “underpants,” the kids settled down and listened.  I was expecting more laughs, but didn’t get them.  Oh, well.

After the book, we rolled our song cube and sang “This is the way we take a bath.”  And then I was treated to a four year old boy telling me how important it was to clean your penis.  He didn’t seem to think that I truly grasped the importance of this, so he told me two more times, emphasizing to clean the outside AND inside.  I agreed that it was important to clean ALL our bits, and then had everyone sit down for the next story.  He seemed a bit frustrated that I didn’t want to discuss the importance of his revelation, his mother was pink, the adults were trying hard not to guffaw, and I was trying not to giggle like mad.  The other kids seemed a bit oblivious, so I quickly transitioned into I Want a Baby Sister.

I like Tony Ross books.  They’re just the right length for preschoolers, kids seem to relate to them well, and the art and size of the books works well for storytime.  I don’t deliberately set out to choose Tony Ross books, but it seems like they’re always finalists when I look through all the books I’ve pulled.  At any rate, the kids seemed to really enjoy this one.

Next, I pulled out my Five Little Monkeys finger puppets.  I asked the children if they ever jumped on the bed with a brother or sister, and, while most of the kids looked at their parents and assured me that they never jumped on the bed, a few kids guiltily agreed that they did.  I said I was SO GLAD that I wasn’t the only one!  I told them that I LOVED jumping on the bed, but told them that I was NOT telling them to go jump on the bed, and that it wasn’t my fault if they jumped on the bed, fell off, and broke an arm.  All the parents laughed, and the kids looked excited.  We chanted our Five Little Monkeys rhyme, and the kids really wagged their fingers when that part came up.

Lastly, we read One Busy Day about a little sister who wants to play with her brother, but he’s too busy.  So, she plays by herself, and her brother is drawn into her playtime and they finish the day playing together.  This is a very sweet little book, but you must discuss the pictures with the kids or it’s easy to miss how her brother is getting drawn into her world, because the words don’t talk about it.  The kids seemed fascinated by the story, and it was the first book to go home with a kid after storytime was over.

So, have you heard any interesting information in storytime lately?

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