Summer Reading Club Wrap-up with Batman!

By Awnali Mills

Today was our Summer Reading Wrap-up Party.  Thanks to staff and volunteers, and a visit from Batman, it was a good event.

What we did:


Batman saved me.  Not sure from what, but there IS photographic proof.

Batman saved me. Not sure from what, but there IS photographic proof.

Batman was the center of our program.  We had an actor from Amazing Heroes come for an hour.  He did a big entrance with smoke and confetti cannons, a meet and greet with posing for cameras, and hung around and visited with the kids.  He also did a walk through the library, which was nice.


We had a Batman mask made out of a paper plate, and a Thor helmet made out of a paper plate.  Kids could choose to do whichever they liked (or both.)  A volunteer spent a couple of weeks working on tracing and cutting the paper plates so they wouldn’t be too difficult for the littles to do.  (Thanks, Locket!)

Ice Cream:

We offered the little cups of ice cream, and some non-dairy Italian ices.  Remember those little cups of ice cream from childhood?  The ones you had to eat with the little wooden paddle?  Yeah.  Imagine our surprise when we opened the boxes and There Were No Paddles.  Nope.  Not a one.  And the program was starting in 5 minutes.

Fortunately, one of our staffers threw back her cape, adjusted her tights, and hurtled out of the building to purchase spoons (Thanks, Adrienne!).  Yes, of course we had spoons in the children’s room.  But those had been used for relay races and catapults and maracas.  You wouldn’t want to actually put them in your mouth.  But, the spoons were procured, the day was saved, and people got to eat their cool treats as advertised.  Whew!

Photo Ops:

Our wonderful PR department printed out large comic book backdrops that we hung on the wall for children to pose in front of (thanks, CJ!).  Meghan also made a cityscape that she laid out on blue tablecloths so that kids could lay down and look like they were flying.  I made several capes of different colors out of plastic tablecloths and Velcro dots, and kids LOVED getting to put those on.  The kids weren’t as interested in posing for the pictures as they were just wearing the capes.


We had pre-printed some completion certificates and had a staff member ready to fill them out and hand them to kids.  This was a pretty popular station. (Thanks, Kathy!)



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