Book Review: Harriet the Invincible (Hamster Princess)

Harriet the InvincibleBy Awnali Mills

When my co-worker Rachel plopped Harriet the Invincible by Ursula Vernon down on my desk and told me it was great, I believed her.  (Even if she wasn’t wildly enthusiastic about the Ranger’s Apprentice series, I still trusted her—sometimes there’s no accounting for taste.)

She was right!

I love new takes on fairy tales, and this story stars a hamster as Sleeping Beauty.  The fabulous twist is that Princess Harriet knows enough to use the curse to her advantage.  The curse MUST come true?  Terrific!  That means that she’s invincible until she turns twelve and pricks her finger on a hamster wheel.  So Harriet does what she’s always wanted to do: she grabs her sword and heads out to take on all the monsters, takes up cliff diving, and jousts on the professional circuit.

You gotta love this girl!

But a cursed princess can only battle monsters for so long, and eventually Harriet must face the music (or curse if you will).  Do you really doubt that she’ll come up with a way out?

I love witty repartee, snark, and sarcasm.  This book is brimming with them.  Spunky heroine?  Double check.  Fun illustrations?  Absolutely.  Put this book into the hands of kids who love adventure, princesses, fairy tales, or humor.  You really can’t miss.  Thanks, Rachel!

Copy for review supplied by my library.

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