Book Review of Knightley Academy

Knightley AcademyBy Awnali Mills

I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a good Harry Potter read-alike, so I’m happy to share one that I ran across recently.  Knightly Academy by Violet Haberdasher is the tale of Henry Grim, an orphan whose academic diligence wins him a place at Knightley Academy, where all modern-day knights are trained.  Historically, the Academy only accepts the sons of the aristocracy, so when three commoners hit the halls, resentment and bullying are only to be expected.  Throw in the decidedly unladylike daughter of the headmaster, and all kinds of things are bound to go wrong.  And if snobbery wasn’t bad enough, Henry and his companions discover that there’s a lot more at stake than their own education—the future of their country just might be in jeopardy as well.

There is no magic in this book, but the setting of a boarding school, three comrades-in-arms who are out of their element, a spunky female character, and professors who might be good guys or bad guys give this book a real Potteresque feel without being too copycat for comfort.  The Secret Prince is the sequel.

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