“Faces” Flannel for Feelings Storytime

By Awnali Mills

This week’s storytime theme was “Feelings,” and we didn’t have a single flannel that really worked for it, so I made two: one was Faces that I got from Angela at Spectacular Storytime, and one was Poor Little Baby that I got from Lisa Mulvenna at Lisa’s Libraryland.

I didn’t change any of the flannels from what they did, and I encourage you to go visit them to get the full skinny on how they made their great flannels.  I just wanted to share how I tweaked Miss Angela’s Faces to make it work really well for me.

I always start storytime with my magic bag, which has something in it which relates to the stories we’re reading.  This time I had the blank faces from Faces.  I put them on the board and started talking about them.


I followed Angela’s suggestions for how she walked the children through the flannel, but I had taken a half sheet of paper, cut widthwise and folded in half, for each emotion. On the outside of the paper was the dialog for the emotion.



Inside was an outline of the correct positions for the facial features and the actual felt pieces.  So, for example, I would read the outside of the page:

Emotions Flannel – HAPPY (Yellow)

What if your parents gave you a big box, and inside the box was a puppy!  How would you feel?  What does your face look like when you’re happy?


Then, I would open it up, glance at the positioning (obviously, happy is an easier one), and then put the facial features on the blank face.  I knew that if I came back to this flannel in a year or two, or if someone else used it, we might have a hard time figuring out which mouth went with which face, or how to place the features for the desired effect.  I wanted to make the flannel flow smoothly both for myself and anyone coming after me.

So anyway, go see Angela’s blog for complete instructions, and maybe use my tweak to make it flow smoothly for yourself.


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3 Responses to “Faces” Flannel for Feelings Storytime

  1. Meg says:

    Can you please share the dialogues for the other emotions? Thanks!

    • awnali says:

      Sure, Meg! Hope this helps:
      Happy (Yellow) – What if your parents gave you a big box, and inside the box was a puppy! How would you feel? What does your face look like when you’re happy?
      Surprised (Purple) – What if you walked into a room and a bunch of people yelled “Happy Birthday!”? How would you feel? What does it look like when you’re surprised?
      Scared (Purple) – Scared looks a lot like surprised. What if those people who yelled scared you? What does a scared face look like? (put flannel hands over eyes on face)
      Angry (Red) – What if someone pushed you and made fun of you, or took your favorite toy? How would you feel? What does your face look like when you’re angry? What do your eyebrows do when you’re angry? What does your mouth do?
      Silly (Blue) – Do you ever like to be silly? Can you make a silly face?
      Sad (Green) What if you fell and skinned your knee? How would you feel? What does your face look like when you’re sad?

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