Book Review: Diary of a Mad Brownie (with Supporting Documents)

Diary of a Mad BrownieBy Awnali Mills

Okay, so I totally read this book because the title made me laugh.  Of course Diary of a Mad Brownie (with Supporting Documents) by Bruce Coville reminded me of Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and I loved the movie (I know—such a shallow reason to read a book.  Sigh.)  And the set-up seemed perfect for hilarity: Angus the brownie, whose mission in life is to clean, is cursed to be bound to Alex, the world’s messiest girl.   The book isn’t the laugh-out-loud funny that I had expected, but it was a fun read nonetheless.

In response to the curse, Angus leaves his home in Scotland to find Alex.  They finally come to a working arrangement, and the next part of the curse kicks in.  Alex’s father and brother drop everything and start writing TRULY terrible poetry.  This is a dire situation, because Alex’s father isn’t working, and they need the income.  So, Alex and Angus have to figure out how to lift the curse.

I liked that Coville told the story through Angus’ and Alex’s diaries as well as various letters from teachers and things like that.  It made for a very quick read.  Put this book in the hands of kids who like a little bit of fantasy, and a little bit of funny.

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