Preschool Dance Party 2-27-16

Jazz BabyBy Awnali Mills

As one patron put it, we’re in the “dark days of storytime break.”  To give our folks the shot of preschool activity that they need to keep their spirits up, we had another Preschool Dance Party, based on Storytime Katie’s Shake, Shimmy and Dance program.

True confessions time.  I have a love affair with Eric Litwin and Michael Levine’s music.  Their songs are perfectly suited to doing dance parties.  There was so much great stuff concentrated on a few albums that I didn’t even realize that almost all of my music was from those two musicians until I built my PowerPoint.  By that time, I was so happy with my choices that I didn’t want to change.  They ARE from three different albums, though (she said defensively.)  Our songs were:

Hello & How Are You? By Old Town School (Wiggleworms Love You)
Come Dance with Me by Eric Litwin and Michael Levine (Perfectly Purple)
Five Little Monkeys by Eric Litwin and Michael Levine (Bouncy Blue)
Shake with You by Eric Litwin and Michael Levine (Bouncy Blue)
Rise Sally Rise by Eric Litwin and Michael Levine (Groovy Green)
Stop and Go by Greg & Steve (Shake, Rattle & Rock)
I’ve Got Music in Me by Greg & Steve (Fun & Games)
Toora Loora Loora by Eric Litwin and Michael Levine (Groovy Green)
Shake Hands with Friends by Mary Crane Center (Growing Up with Ella Jenkins)

After Five Little Monkeys, I stopped the music and handed out shakers.  Then, we did Shake with You.  After that song, we handed in our shakers (I was surprised, but there was almost no resistance to handing in the shakers at all, so that was great!), drank some water, and did a bit of deep breathing (so I could catch my breath) and read Jazz Baby by Lisa Wheeler.  This was a big success, and the kids were glued to the book, making the little noises as we read.

Even though we had a huge number of people, the party went off splendidly, in no small part to my colleague, Shelby, who stepped in at the last moment to man the door, guiding parents where to put coats and making sure that the room never had too many people in it.  As some people cycled out (this happens with little ones) other people cycled in.  Shelby danced away in the back of the room and made sure that I could do my thing in the front.

This is a super easy program that can accommodate almost any number with no hassle and very little prep time.  The only requirement is somewhere to play music and the courage to dance like no one’s watching—and somewhere to do a PowerPoint should you chose to do one.

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