Computer Down! Godzilla Rampages!

GodzillaThis weekend, my home computer died.

Yep.  I was trying to pay the bills and couldn’t get into my Quicken program.  After a solid hour of frustration, I turned it over to my husband.  He rebooted the system, and it came up with a critical file error.  Thaaat’s right.  The Blue Screen of Death showed up in all its blazing glory, announcing to the world that my laptop had gone to that great circuit board in the sky.

I was bummed.

My husband announced that after church we would go to Best Buy and select a new computer.  He had already researched and found one with a keyboard similar to my dead one, because he knows I’m particular about my keyboard.  That whole process went pretty smoothly.  We knew what we wanted, we knew it was on sale, and we went right in and found it.  We won’t discuss how I set the alarm off trying to look at the ports on the computer.  Nothin’ to see here.

And then we went to check out.  I knew we were going to have to buy Microsoft Office again, which always irritates me (not to mention putting a dent in my pocket), and the salesperson kindly showed us the great deal on Office 365 bundled with an anti-virus and a mouse.  We cheerfully agreed (well, my husband was cheerful, I was grumpy.)  Then, I looked at the box.

Hold on.  Wait just one minute.  Free for a year?  What do you mean free for a year?  What about after the year?  With a faltering smile, the salesperson explained that Microsoft is no longer selling their programs with Publisher (which I use frequently) unless you purchase Office 365 with an ongoing yearly subscription.

I was not unpleasant to the innocent young man, I promise.  But inside, Godzilla was raging around, tearing down displays, kicking computers, and saying mean things about Bill Gates’s lineage. I absolutely detest software subscriptions.  I’m already infuriated that Quicken makes me pay a price each year.  I’ve tried other systems that don’t make me pay, I truly have.  But Quicken’s stuff is so much better that I just go along with the robbery.  Now Microsoft has jumped on the subscription bandwagon.  It’s getting so that you can’t just buy a program and use it.  Now you have to pay the yearly fee to continue to use it.

I know you know this.  I’m just angry about it.  I hate planned obsolescence.  I want to purchase a good product for a fair price and use the product until duct tape and WD-40 will no longer make it work.  I know that Microsoft’s little ploy is good for their company, but forgive me if I have trouble working up sympathy for the richest man in the world.  Some would argue that it’s better for consumers too, because they get continually upgraded products, but it isn’t best for me.  I would contend that many times the darned upgrades add features I don’t need and don’t want, and I was perfectly happy with the way things worked before, and would have continued being happy until the thing fell apart.

*Godzilla stomps a small village to smithereens*

So, yeah.  We bought the darn program.  But don’t be surprised to see Open Office on my computer next year.  It all depends on whether Godzilla feels like shelling out $70 next year about this time.

March 9, 2017 – Godzilla did not feel like paying the $70.  Godzilla’s sweet husband figured out how to get an extra download from software we already had.  The villagers feel much safer.

Ha!  Take that, Microsoft.  At least until the next time my computer dies.

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