Elizabethan Apparel

By Awnali Mills

Occasionally, librarianship throws me an interesting curve.  My boss has an upcoming program in which he travels back in time to get Shakespeare and talk to him.  This will be part of the Virginia Shakespeare Initiative celebrating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

Because my son is an historical re-enactor, I was able to borrow a costume for our Shakespeare.  Then, when I got to work the other day, my boss asked me if I could make two flat caps and an Elizabethan ruff.  He supplied me with links to how-tos, but because he knows nothing about sewing, he wasn’t sure if they were do-able or not.

See, Ma, I knew my sewing skills would come in handy!

I plundered my stash of fabric for some appropriate fabric and ribbon, and also purchased some supplies.  Then, I set to work on the ruff.  Let’s just say that there’s a little bit of a learning curve, but I made it successfully.  Children will be encouraged to try it on and use it as part of a photo booth.

Elizabethan Ruff

Next, I tackled the hats.  Fortunately, my boss allowed me to work from home so that I didn’t have to haul my sewing machine around.  Measuring for and creating the patterns was the most difficult part of the process, and I was able to do that and the finish sewing (done by hand) in the office.   One hat (the red one) will be for children to wear in the photo booth.  The blue one will be for Shakespeare.  What do you think?

20160324_122822Elizabethan Hat

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2 Responses to Elizabethan Apparel

  1. Dana Benedetti says:

    I think you are one awesome librarian with skills!

  2. Steve & Morrisa Heintz says:

    Good stitching, Girl! You look very “period” The kids’ photos will be great fun!

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