Book Review: Lailah’s Lunchbox by Reem Faruqi

Lailah's LunchboxBy Awnali Mills

I was intrigued by a new book, Lailah’s Lunchbox: a Ramadan Story by Reem Faruqi, that came in this week, and set it aside so that I could read it.  It’s a picture book that we have catalogued as Juvenile Fiction because of its length.

The book is the story of Lailah, a Muslim, who has moved to Georgia.  She is making friends, but they aren’t Muslim.  She is finally old enough to fast with her family for the month of Ramadan, but doesn’t know how to tell her teacher or her friends what she’s doing.  Their well-meaning attempts to feed her just make her feel worse.  Her school librarian helps her figure out a way of explaining that feels natural to her.

This book is lovingly illustrated by Lea Lyon, and would be a great way to introduce the concept of Ramadan to people who are unfamiliar with it, or to help a Muslim child feel more comfortable explaining to others why they are fasting.

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