Book Review: Darkmouth by Shane Hegarty

DarkmouthBy Awnali Mills

Finn has trained his whole life to be a Legend Hunter, one of the few people who stand between the creatures of evil and humanity.  His family has been Legend Hunters for centuries, and Finn is the next in line.

One problem.  He’s awful at it.

Despite near-constant training, Finn is awkward and uncoordinated.  And it doesn’t help that he actually has a soft spot for the Legends he’s supposed to be fighting.  All he wants is to be a veterinarian.  His life is further complicated by the fact that the townspeople are sick and tired of cleaning up the messes after the Legends come through.  They blame Finn’s family for the continued menace, since gates to the Infested Side aren’t opening up in any other places.  They reason that without the continued menace, Finn’s family wouldn’t have a job, so they are actually letting the Legends through to maintain their employment.

This makes Finn’s life miserable.

Will the new girl who’s come to town be a valuable friend, or will she just make things worse?  And why do the Legends keep trying to talk to him, and what’s his dad trying so hard to hide?

This is the first installment of a new series by Shane Hegarty.  I loved that Finn is so miserably uncoordinated, and I sympathized with his attempts to communicate with his father.  One of the little monsters provides some nice comic relief, and there’s a touch of snark to Finn’s character.  This is a decent book to put in the hands of your adventure lovers, but I don’t predict raving fans.

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