The Joy of Lexicography

By Awnali Mills

Sometimes when I am doing program prep work at my desk (i.e. cutting stuff out for people to glue onto other things), I listen to TED talks.  These are almost always interesting, and frequently introduce me to topics and people whom I would never have encountered otherwise.  Sometimes they change my life, like the TED talk by Brene Brown.  Other times, they are just thought provoking, or funny.  The one I watched this morning was both.  I am a word geek (duh, librarian), and when this talk by Erin McKean popped up in the lineup, I let it play.  I’m so glad I did! It’s about 20 minutes long, but I found it very enjoyable and worth the time.

So, the word I would like to add to the dictionary is one that we use here at my library.  It’s “squatch” or “squatchy.”  This is derived from “Sasquatch,” and means “weird or bizarre.”  Used in context:
“Watch out for squatch today!”
“Whew!  It’s squatchy out there.  I need a break!”

I don’t know where exactly it came from, but the term was in use when I started working here, and I adopted it quickly.  I feel that this word, if known, would find widespread use almost immediately–most predominantly in Walmarts.

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