Book Review: Skateboard Idol by Jake Maddox

Skateboard IdolBy Awnali Mills

Occasionally I pick up books that are out of my comfort zone, books that don’t really appeal to me personally, but that I suspect might interest different segments of my patrons.  Skateboard Idol by Jake Maddox was one of these.

Griff’s idol, skateboarding icon Scottie Devine, comes to town for an exhibition, and sponsors a contest.  He hides three golden skateboards around the town, each tied to a significant event in Scottie’s life.  The three people who find the skateboards will be able to skate with Scottie and other skateboard legends in the exhibition.

Clues are released one at a time, and Griff and his friend Annika rush to solve them.  When the friends go head to head, hurt feelings ensue, and Griff has to decide what’s most important to him—Annika or skating with Scottie.

This is a high interest, low reading level book designed for upper elementary.  I found the characters a bit confusing, because it specifically says they’re in middle school, but talks about them being sophomores and juniors, etc.  At any rate, the appeal was proven to me by a young visitor to my house this weekend who grabbed the book off of my stack and stared at it, mesmerized.  The book is full of slang and skateboarding jargon, which might make it a bit difficult for noobs like me who wouldn’t know a 5-0 Grind from a Stalefish.  However, if you have kids who love their decks, put this in their hands.

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