Food Story Time 5-4-16

By Awnali Mills

Everyone ready to eat?  It’s Food storytime!  For this week’s books, I picked I Will Chomp You by Jory Johns and Sheep Out to Eat by Nancy Shaw.

I Will Chomp YouSheep Out to Eat

After chatting about the weather and peeking in our magic bag (surprise! plastic food), we started our first book, I Will Chomp You.  This is a new one that we got in recently, and it’s a good one.  My favorite book growing up was The Monster at the End of This Book, and this is along the same lines.  The monster implores you not to read any further, and keeps trying to chomp you.  Why?  To protect his luscious cakes, concealed at the end of the book, of course!  Naturally, threats and intimidation do not stop the hearty readers, and the monster finally offers to share his bounty will you if you will just quit reading.  The kids loved the book, and kept shouting for me to continue each time I asked.  When the monster asked if we could keep a secret, one of the kids honestly replied loudly, “No!”  We all had a good laugh about that.  Finishing up the book led to our EL tip: Having fun reading together is more important than the amount of time you spend reading each day.  Don’t stress the time, just have fun!

Next, we did the flannel Let’s Go and Pack a Picnic.  Each child got a piece of food, and brought it up to the board when it was time.  That’s always a winner.  Then everyone stood up and we did a resounding rendition of Bananas Unite.

Our next book was Sheep Out to Eat.  This is a very cute book about sheep who make a mess of a café only to discover that the lawn is much more to their taste.  The kids thought this was hilarious.

A couple of repeats of I’m a Little Teapot got us all up and moving, and then we enjoyed the flannel Herman the Worm who gets bigger and bigger because he keeps eating bigger things until he becomes quite small again because he burped.

We finished up with The Stew Game.  I handed out the ubiquitous plastic food, and then as the verse called for it, the kids brought up the right color food and dumped it into my cauldron.  I stirred madly, and at the end, we all had pretend bowls (I added salt to mine).  Very tasty!

Stew for me, stew for you
Plenty of stew for a hungry few.

Stew, stew, the best I’ve seen
Stir in quickly something green!

Smell it, smell it, oh, so mellow.
This fine stew needs something yellow!

Stew, stew, in my tummy,
Add a purple so it’s yummy.

How I love it!  The best in town.
But don’t forget to add something brown.

Now it’s time for orange at last,
Stir it in, fine and fast.

Stew, stew, I made for you.
Plenty of stew for me and you.
by Susan Paprocki

(I subbed in the verse:
Smell it, smell it, can’t wait to be fed!
This fine stew needs something red.
Because I didn’t have any yellow food, but I did have red peppers.)


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