Book Review – Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham

Rogue LawyerBy Awnali Mills

As I’ve said before, I do, on occasion, read adult books J.  I enjoy John Grisham novels, and just finished his newest, Rogue Lawyer.

Sebastian Rudd is a self-proclaimed Lone Gunman, a lawyer who defends the un-defendable, who fights for the little guy (as long as he can pay) and positively revels in his notoriety.  He is nastily divorced from his lesbian wife, and is, in his own words, a lousy father.  His story is told in several vignettes, some interconnected, some not.

Rudd is definitely a complex character.  He’s hard to like, because he does defend people we would rather not see defended.  But, he also defends the unjustly accused when everyone is against them, and that is very admirable.  Grisham gives us things to like and then gives us things to hate about Rudd, making the book both frustrating and intriguing.  Yeah, Rudd can be a lousy father.  But, he truly cares about his son and works hard to stay in his life and connect with him.  Then, takes him to a cage fight.

See what I mean?  Frustrating.

Even though I had mixed feelings about the book, I’m coming down on the side of “enjoyed.”  It’s a bit of a departure from past Grisham novels, but fans will enjoy the same twisty background maneuvering and brilliant ta-da! moments.

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