Book Review: The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel

BoundlessBy Awnali Mills

I enjoyed the steampunk Airborne trilogy by Kenneth Oppel, so when the paperback copy of The Boundless came across my desk, I immediately checked it out.

Will’s father is a train man, and has helped to lay track through the Canadian wilderness.  He is rewarded for services to the railroad’s owners by being promoted.  Now, he is taking the new train, named The Boundless, on her maiden journey across the country, and he’s taking his son, Will, along.  Will inadvertently gets involved with a murder, and a girl from a circus (a previous acquaintance) saves him.  But the murderers aren’t done with Will yet; they’re after a treasure and think that Will has what they need to get to it.

This book is full of mechanical marvels, sasquatch, and circus performers.  It certainly doesn’t lack for energy and excitement!  It bothered me a little that it was written in the present tense, which I find a bit jarring, but that doesn’t really take away from the storyline.  I would recommend the book to anyone who enjoys adventure stories, steampunk, or strong male leads.

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