Sports Flannels for SRC 2016

By Awnali Mills


If you’re like me, you’ve got an SRC theme of sports up to bat, and are looking for some flannels to sign on for a sports themed storytime.  And, if you’re like me, you’ve found that sports flannels are pretty light on the ground.  Even Flannel Friday’s Sports Pinterest board was a disappointment. So, naturally it was time to drop back and punt.

I recruited Fun with Friends’ football version of Little Mouse, Little Mouse, changing the glitter stickers she used to shapes to add another learning element.

Where's the Football?

I also pulled out a Sports Ball Guessing Game out of retirement that I had made for a previous storytime.

Sports Ball Guessing Game

Then I went to the mat and started mentally going through tried and true flannels that are good playing lots of positions.  After striking out several times, I finally hit upon the perfect adaptation.  I changed One Elephant went Out to Play to:

One Player Went Out to Play

One player went out to play
On a soccer field one day
He had such enormous fun
He called for another one to come
Two players, etc
Six players went out to play
On a soccer field one day
The ball went BOUNCE and the goalie went WHOA!
And all the players said THAT’S A GOAL!

One Player Went Out To Play


I got the images from My Cute Graphics.


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2 Responses to Sports Flannels for SRC 2016

  1. kdr4xmom says:

    Love your tweak “One Player went out to Play”!

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