The Fast and the Furious: Lego rubber band car edition

By Awnali Mills and Roman Lopez

We recently had a Lego rubber band car program done by my coworkers Roman and Chris.  It was a very well received program, and I asked Roman if he would tell you about it.  Take it away, Roman!

Lego rubber band cars was a rolling success! If you would like to recreate your own Lego rubber band car, here’s what you’ll need: 2 Lego axles, 2 Lego beams, 4 Lego wheels, 1 long Lego connecter,  1 Lego gear wheel, and a rubber band.

Lego cars

Once you assemble everything your car should come out looking something like this:

Lego Car picture

While it won’t be quite as fancy, it will be a functioning wind up car. The components of the car also give children the freedom to experiment with different ways to design the car. Also these Lego pieces can be used to make a Lego catapult, but you’ll have to find that out for yourself!

P.S Sorry to all the parents for giving the catapult idea to your children!

Thanks, Roman!  Some things we did learn:

  1.  Make sure that you have plenty of wheels and axles.  We were scrounging up till the last minute.
  2. Even though the guys made it abundantly clear that we would need ALL of the pieces back, kids still walked off with them.  We made sure that everyone we had borrowed pieces from got back the same amount they gave us, and took the loss from our own stash of Legos.
  3. Make it a registration-only event.  It was crazy how many people showed up.
  4. Be adamant that adults stay with their kids.  This can be a difficult build for some kids, and two library staffers were just not enough to help all the kids.  Many adults (in all fairness, many with younger children in tow) dropped their kids in the class and then left.  With a less complicated program, that would have been fine.
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