CHOMP! It’s Shark Month at the Library

SharkBy Awnali Mills

It’s shark month at our library!  Yeah, it’s unrelated to our SRC theme, but it’s so much fun to do, and it needed to coincide with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, so July it is.

I wanted to give you a little run-down on what we’ve done to make it shark month.

  1. Planned our programming. Jumping off of Bryce’s shark programming, we planned our I Survived a Shark Attack program.  I also planned a shark storytime, and a shark clothespin craft for our preschoolers.
  2. Created a banner to hang at the entrance to the children’s area, announcing that it was shark week, inviting people to come in, and promising not to bite.
  3. Decorated the library with inflatable pool sharks which are hanging from our light fixtures.
  4. Created passive programming: a shark scavenger hunt, and a shark measuring activity. The measuring activity starts in the lobby, and asks people to guess how long a whale shark is (the nose starts here!).  Then, it directs them to walk into the children’s room to another line which explains that the whale shark is 40 feet long.  Both lines can be seen from each other, so it’s easy line-of-sight.  And, pretty impressive when you look at the two lines together.  I’m grateful they’re not man-eaters!

For the scavenger hunt, I pulled pictures of different sharks off the internet, and added information about them to the bottom of the picture.  These went around the room.  I copied the same pictures (sans info) onto a search sheet.  Older children could read the facts if they were interested, but younger pre-readers weren’t required to read the facts to complete the scavenger hunt.  Just a few days into the month, and this scavenger hunt has been crazy popular.  Kids are requested to turn their sheets in when they’re done for the chance of winning a prize.  It’ll be a 3D printed shark.  This helps us keep track of our numbers.

  1. Made a shark hat.   I haven’t worn it yet.  It doesn’t fit when I have my hair up, and it’s been too hot to have it down.  That’s my excuse, and I’m stickin’ to it.

So, I hope you’re having a good summer so far.  We’re just gonna keep hanging with the sharks here, and hoping we come out alive.

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