Book Review: Her Again, Becoming Meryl Streep by Michael Schulman

Her AgainBy Awnali Mills

In a strange set of circumstances, I find myself with a stack of adult books to read.  Holy cow, how did that happen?

So, you know, I read them.

Her Again, Becoming Meryl Streep is the unauthorized biography written by Michael Schulman.  I really enjoy biographies, but I don’t often read them about movie stars.  I usually go for the historical figures or just-plain-interesting people.  I can’t even really remember why I put this book on hold—I think I saw a movie starring Streep, and then ran across a reference to the book, and casually thought, “That sounds interesting…”  At any rate, I read it and enjoyed it.

I was in elementary and middle school during most of the years covered by the book, and it was an interesting look at the time period.  The Vietnam War was grinding on, and people were becoming disenchanted by the sixties.  Feminism was becoming a bigger thing, and here comes Meryl Streep who just wants to become a character actress.  She’s put into roles that are very polarizing for people, and has to defend them.  I found the book interesting mostly for how the times she started out in shaped Streep and her career.  I think she’s an amazing actress, and I was a bit dizzied by all the big name stars she was friends with when starting out.  It was all so casual, and so glamorous.

So anyway, if you enjoy biographies about movie stars, this is a good one.  There isn’t a bunch of drugs or wild sex or anything, just the story of how Streep comes into her own as one of the greatest actresses of our time.

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