Book Review: Blood Orange by Susan Wittig Albert

Blood OrangeBy Awnali Mills

As I mentioned before, I somehow ended up with a stack of adult books to read.  The second in the stack was Blood Orange by Susan Wittig Albert.  This is the latest in her China Bayles series—one I’ve been following for years because I’m a li’l bit of an herb nerd.

China once again becomes embroiled in a mystery when the tenant of her bed and breakfast goes missing in an apparent kidnapping.  But all is not as it seems, and pretty soon a murder is part of the scene.  Did the estranged brewmaster husband do it?  The brewmaster’s girlfriend (who is also China’s best friend Ruby’s sister)?  Or was it something else altogether?  There are nasty shenanigans going on at a local hospice as well, and China is determined to find out who done it and why.

I always enjoy the China Bayles mysteries.  I’ve enjoyed watching her businesses and relationships grow, and I always learn something new about herbs.  I also like trying some of the recipes Albert includes in the back of the book.  This series is the very definition of a cozy mystery, so there’s nothing symbolic or literary (say that with a snobbish tone) about it—it’s just a fun read, perfect for the beach or hammock.

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