Shape Story Time – 9/14/16

By Awnali Mills

Storytime today was about shapes.  The books I chose were Round is a Tortilla by Roseanne Thong, Go, Shapes, Go! by Denise Fleming, and Color Zoo by Lois Ehlert.

We started off with a check of the weather, a stretch, and my magic bag in which I had hidden a ball, my song cube, a rectangular block, and a hanger.  We talked about what each of the shapes was.  Then, I skipped Round is a Tortilla, because I only had two children who were over 2 in the group.


The rest were obviously younger, even a 6 month old whose mom had asked if they could come in.  I explained that the storytime was designed for ages 3-5, but that she was welcome to come in.  I directed her to our storytimes designed for that age, but they came in anyway.  And the baby was the best behaved of the group.

It was one of those days, folks.  One little boy was engaged, but they were also in and out of the storytime (I’m guessing a bathroom emergency), and the rest were in and out as well.  It felt like there was a revolving door on the storytime room this morning.  There was also one boy who wanted to sing and dance throughout the group, and wanted to take everything off of my board and cart.  His caregiver just smiled at me, but she did respond when I pleasantly asked her to come and get her child.  They came in after my opening and were disruptive the whole time.  But, since the whole group was restive, talkative, and moving around, I didn’t really feel like I could single him out for correction.

So anyway, I went right to Go, Shapes, Go!  This book went over as well as anything else did.  My early literacy tip was that shapes are the basis of writing, so when we talk about shapes with our children, we are getting them ready to be writers.

We rolled our song cube and sang Row, Row, Row Your Boat.  Then we did a take on Baby Bear, and did Blue Rectangle, Blue Rectangle, what do you see?

Then, I handed out some new wooden building blocks that we got, and called for different shapes.  As I called the shapes, the children came forward and added their blocks to the large rectangular block that I set down.  Together, they all built the structure.

Then we rolled the cube and sang If You’re Happy and You Know It.  I pulled out Color Zoo, which I hadn’t originally been planning to use because it’s so simple, but I knew that simple was what the morning called for.  After that, I pulled out the parachute (a large circle!)

I almost skipped it.  It was such a crazy morning that I just wanted storytime to end.  I had other things that I had planned, but the children were so young that they wouldn’t have been able to do them. I thought that they might at least enjoy and engage with the parachute.

But, we didn’t do all the parachute things that I had planned, either, because the kids, although enthusiastic, just weren’t following directions, and the littlest ones were having difficulty keeping up with the older ones.  Altogether, I’m just glad this storytime is over!

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